Hi, my name is Dustin.

I am an artist. I love people and their stories. And I consider it an incredible privilege to listen to a person’s vision or story. To be commissioned to express it in ways that create opportunity for community is the work I live for.

I live in Southern Alberta, Canada with my courageous and lovely wife and our four crazy kids. We love to ski in the Rockies, explore coulees and hoodoos, and watch every Marvel, Lego, and Studio Ghibli movie.



The painting above is the visual expression of my mission: To build community by conveying the worth of each story…

… Each story or vision is gold that should be honoured and celebrated, shared for the sake of others. I do this work for individuals and for companies. Each person and each story is worth honouring with artistic expression that conveys its value and creates opportunity for community to connect with it. My tools for communicating story are illustration, graphic design, photography, and video. But discovering this gold requires genuine connection, communication, and collaboration. It requires trust and vulnerability.


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Illustration provides a unique freedom. It's able to express the most abstract of concepts and still maintain a personal style. The variety of mediums to illustrate in continues to grow and I love playing with new tools but my first love was pencil. I can't remember a time where I wasn't drawing.

How could your story or values be communicated through illustration?

What if you had a book of your company's core values illustrated on each page? What if that illustrated book of values was given to each employee, used in every interview, referenced at board meetings?

Illustration not only communicates your story it invites people in to engage with it, share their unique perspective and contribute their own. Your vision gets wrestled with, processed by your team, and grows uniquely with each new perspective and experience.

Do you want the spectrum of your vision to grow beyond the few colours you bring to it?

I'd love to help you and your community uncover the gold inside your story and share it.


A logo is a powerful storytelling component of your brand. Every aspect of its presentation communicates something. Finding the words to describe your company, its vision, its values, and its community is difficult. Trying to communicate all those through visual form is even more difficult. I love discovering the heart of each company I work with and finding how visual language can communicate it.

How does your logo and branding convey the worth of what you're creating?

There is gold in your story, there's value that invests in lives, changes cities. I'd love to help you share it and see community grow around it.

Leaders Need Support Sharing Their Vision

All the tools and experience I have are available to support leaders in business, to help them build their cultures and communities. I love colaborating with business owners to create a custom collection of services that I provide on a recurring monthly basis. This long term relationship enables me to significantly invest in their vision and their community with a broad range of tools.

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Hand Drawn Graphic
Hand Drawn Graphic

It all starts with a story and a question. How do we communicate our love for where we're from? How do we honour the people and place we call home?

We set out to create a series of graphics that celebrated our client's home, the values and the people that built it, the inspiring beauty and character required to savour it.

This handshake graphic represents their heritage of hard work, loyalty, and kindness. The blood, sweat, and tears required to thrive in the wild and harsh beauty of Southern Alberta.

Hand Drawn Graphic
Screen Printed T

From that graphic we created a series of products that the community could connect with. Tees, longsleeves, crewnecks, and bandanas. This graphic continues to be used as a symbol of hard work, collaboration, beauty, and gratitude. A foundational set of values for the brand.

Hand Drawn Graphic
Screen Printed Bandana

The bandana uniquely held all the graphics we created and set them together to tell the whole story. The images conveyed the brand's love for home, for their heritage, and gave their community a series of opportunities to engage with it. The bandana not only uniquely shared the story of the brand, it also offered a unique way to connect with it, to hold this story in their back pocket, and wipe away their blood, sweat, and tears.

Hand Drawn Graphic
Apparel Collection

The Wild Rose Collection is a profound celebration, a variety of creative expressions of the same story, a vision shared in ways the community connects with in different ways. This story is valuable, this vision is worth sharing. It's inspiring and builds meaningful community.

Artists Need the Courage to Share

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Your Story is Worth Sharing

Is there a photograph of yours that captures a moment you want to cherish? Have you been through something life changing, learned something profound, or had a dream that led you to step into something new?
What would it look like to have that meaning expressed in a custom Story Portrait?
I'd love to work with you to honour these moments.

Dustin Heigh Illustration